Tottenham start replacing Lloris as goalkeeper for 11 years… Recruitment of Raya

Tottenham Hotspur are pushing for a new goalkeeper. 

The British media <Telegraph> reported on its official website on the 8th, “Tottenham are looking for a new goalkeeper to replace goalkeeper Hugo Lloris. Brentford FC’s goalkeeper David Raya is being strongly discussed.” 메이저사이트

Goalkeeper Lloris joined the team in 2012 and has been at Tottenham’s goal for 11 years. He has been criticized for his recent missteps against Aston Villa, but he has been one of Tottenham’s best signings.

However, as goalkeeper Lloris is 36 years old, it is realistically difficult to protect the team’s goal for a long time from now. Because of this, Tottenham started looking for a new Lloris, and goalkeeper Raya seems to be on the radar.

Raya goalkeeper was born in 1995 and is in the limelight with a big success at Brentford. With only one year remaining on his contract, the transfer fee is likely to be low. Accordingly, it is interpreted that Tottenham is trying to recruit him.