Two consecutive hole-in-ones in the same hole by weekend golfers.. Probability of 1 in 17 million

 Is it possible for two companions to score hole-in-one in a row in the same hole?

This actually happened in Florida, USA. Golf Week, an American golf media outlet, said on the 27th (Korean time), “Two weekend golfers in their 70s, John Nicholson and George Land, recently played on the 15th hole, a par 3 hole 125 yards from The Glades Golf & Country Club in Naples, Florida. He recorded a back-to-back hole-in-one.”

Golf Week met and interviewed the main characters of the back-to-back hole-in-one. “I didn’t see the ball go into the hole after it landed on the green,” said 73-year-old John, who first got the hole-in-one. George took out the rangefinder and looked at the green, but there was no ball,” he explained of the hole-in-one moment.

The 71-year-old George took a few practice swings after John’s hole-in-one before hitting his shot and the ball disappeared from the green again. After consecutive hole-in-ones, George smiled broadly, saying to John, “‘Don’t be mad if my ball is on top of yours.'” 크크크벳

According to the National Hole-in-One Registry of the United States, the odds of another golfer making consecutive hole-in-ones on the same hole are 1 in 17 million. What kind of scene would unfold when hole-in-one, which is said to be difficult to do once in a lifetime, came out in a row from the same hole?

Despite being in their 70s, John and George celebrated each other’s hole-in-one by shouting and jumping up and down. John, who recorded an ace for the first time in 12 years since 2011, said, “You will always be in my heart” after getting a hole-in-one signed by his companions as a souvenir.