Ulsan Hyundai held ‘Blue Wave 2 Closing Party’ in Gangnam, Seoul on the 18th

Ulsan Hyundai will hold the finale of its self-produced documentary ‘Blue Wave 2’ at ‘Noplex Seoul’, a media art wall lounge bar in Seoul.

Ulsan will hold the ‘Blue Wave 2 Closing Party’ for about an hour and a half from 17:00 to 18:30 on December 18 (Sunday) at ‘Noplex Seoul’ located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Tickets for Ulsan’s Blue Wave 2 finale party will be held on Wednesday, December 14th at 7pm, and only adults aged 19 or older can participate in this event.

The blue wave of Ulsan, which has established itself as the K-League’s representative video content with the largest number of OTT services in domestic professional sports and the first external production support for a domestic professional soccer team, held a theater screening on Thursday the 15th followed by a final party, and the internal and external elements of so-called well-made content will have all

Ulsan aims to deliver fresh enjoyment to fans through the medium of blue waves by collaborating closely with Noplex for this finale.

First, Ulsan plans to transmit 4K video of Ulsan’s highlights this season through a media art wall that is about 20m long in the venue, providing fans with a visually captivating experience. In addition, a professional DJ will remix Ulsan’s existing cheering song ‘Our Ulsan’ and this season’s newly produced cheering song ‘Energy of Victory’ to enhance the atmosphere of the finale party with pleasant music. Blue Wave, a special blue cocktail with a strong citrus scent brewed with violet syrup and elderflower liqueur, is ready to add flavor and atmosphere to the finale. 메이저놀이터

Above all, this closing party event will also be held with the production support received from kt seezn earlier this year. (Ulsan also conducted a blue wave large LED advertisement at COEX, a complex cultural space located in Seoul last July, with the support of kt seezn.) This is one of the reasons why the first ending party of the trend-leading ‘Blue Wave Series’ is more meaningful.

The event will be hosted by announcer Lee Sang-yeon, an announcer in Ulsan, and some members of the Ulsan team will also participate. In addition, various Ulsan design elements, such as Ulsan’s branding renewal concept this season and Ulsan’s championship poster borrowed from ‘Ilwol-obongdo’, will be used as event decorations to maximize the atmosphere of Ulsan’s home stadium, Munsu Soccer Stadium, in Seoul. .

This closing party is not only Ulsan’s intention to repay the support of fans in the metropolitan area who filled the expedition seats in the final round following the regular league, but also held an event for fans in the metropolitan area once again following the blue wave large LED advertisement at COEX last July. It contains the goal of continuing promotional activities as a ‘national club’.

Ulsan will continue with the motto, “Promotions for Ulsan fans from other regions who come to support away games and away fans who come to Ulsan to cheer for other teams are public relations and marketing activities for Ulsan.” Based on this, we plan to carry out various and exciting public relations and marketing that spreads to all regions of the country, including the metropolitan area.