“Until everything is restored, we have to stop”… Conte expresses feelings about leaving Tottenham

Tottenham manager Antonio Conte expressed his feelings about the decision to rest again. 

On the 17th (Korean time), coach Conte posted his thoughts on the situation in which he decided to leave Tottenham and rest in Italy through his SNS. 

Tottenham announced on its official website the day before, “Director Conte is heading home to Italy to fully recover from the aftereffects of cholecystitis surgery. He is leaving Tottenham for a while.” 

Coach Conte went through a break after surgery on the 1st, then directed the Premier League match against Leicester City on the 12th and the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 against AC Milan on the 15th, but eventually decided to take an additional break due to his deteriorating physical condition. see. 

He once mentioned at a press conference against AC Milan that his recovery was not complete, saying, “I’m still not 100% in shape.”

In the end, returning to the 메이저사이트training ground too early became a problem.

“My responsibility to the club, players, staff and fans made me return to the pitch,” Conte said on social media. He revealed that the surgery was more serious than he thought. 

He continued, “My body suffered from my impatience, and now I have no choice but to stop until everything recovers. Who knows me. Will anyone understand what a heavy burden this is. But in the end, it is necessary. Fighting Tottenham.” I cheered for Tottenham.

Tottenham’s coach Christian Stellini, who directed the last game against Manchester City, will take over the first team duties until Conte returns. 

Under coach Stellini, Tottenham will break the record of two consecutive defeats in the official match against West Ham at 1:30 am on the 20th and try to rebound.