‘Volleyball Empress’ Kim Yeon-kyung came out… Appealing for “Turkeye help” on the fourth day

Kim Yeon-kyung (35, Heungkuk Life Insurance) appealed for help for Turkiye, which suffered massive damage from the strong earthquake.

Kim Yeon-kyung메이저사이트 asked for a helping hand for Turkey today (9th) by posting a picture with the phrase ‘Help Turkey!’ on her personal SNS. It is said that he has been posting these pictures steadily since the 6th.

Kim Yeon-kyung, who took off her feet, said, “Let’s help Turkey,” and explained in detail how to send her donation.

For Yeonkyung Kim, Turkey has a special meaning.

In 2011, she joined Fenerbahçe of the Turkiye Women’s Volleyball League, the top league in the world at the time, and lifted a whopping 7 championships in 6 years.

In particular, she won the 2011 European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) Champions League Women’s Division Most Valuable Player (MVP) and Top Scorer at the same time, earning her the nickname ‘Volleyball Empress’.

After the 2017 season, she played a year in the Chinese league and then from 2018 she continued her association with the Turkiye League by playing for Exzashi Bashi for two seasons.

Because of this, after the Tokyo Olympics, Korean volleyball fans even donated a large number of seedlings to Turkey, which was badly damaged by forest fires, in the name of Kim Yeon-kyung, the captain of her national team.

Cesar Hernandez (46), the coach of the Korean women’s national volleyball team, also posted a condolence message for her. “I was shocked to hear about the earthquake that affected so many cities,” Hernandez wrote on her Instagram account. I posted an article.