‘Volleyball is setter play’ shown by Han player of ‘Champion MVP’

The veteran setter, who is full of dignity, presented the team with the championship, and gave the young setter a ‘setter’s standard’ class right in front of them.

There are five positions on the volleyball court. Among them, there are many things that are required of the setter. You have to calmly judge how the game is run, and you have to play a set play that suits the taste of the striker. This position touches the ball the most on the court. That’s why the phrase ‘volleyball is setter play’ came out.

Korean Air player Han showed this orthodoxy as a result. Player Han is evaluated as the best setter in the V-League in name and reality. Despite his 85 years of age, he is still on the national team and is active as the main setter. That much indirectly shows that no new setter has yet emerged to surpass one player.

Korean Air went straight to No. 1 in the regular league in the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Championship Match and faced Hyundai Capital. The setters facing the net with Han were Kim Myeong-gwan, a 4th year player, and Lee Hyun-seung, a rookie.

The more important the game was, the more important the setter position was as a result. If you look at the attack record according to the opponent’s blocker during the setter set of both teams, one player made more one-on-one confrontations with the blocker than Hyundai Capital.

In the first game, Korean Air boasted a high success rate of 62.2%, with 37 one-block situations, 23 of which were scored. Meanwhile, Hyundai Capital succeeded in 18 one-block situations, 10 of them, with a success rate of 55.6%. With twice the number of attempts, Korean Air faced an easier attacking situation.

The second round was like that too. Korean Air succeeded 19 out of 32 times in one block, and Hyundai Capital succeeded 11 times out of 19 times. Again, the one-on-one confrontation situation itself was very different.

Even in a dig situation where the receive was greatly shaken by the opponent’s strong serve or the attack was kicked up, Han ran. He was in charge of the second of the three touches as he roamed the court, and the strikers believed in the ball toward them and scored. In the first game, 51/97, 44 sets were accurate, and in the second game, 41/84, 36 sets were accurate. 

The 3rd game in Cheonan, which came with a clear victory in Incheon, hesitated for a while due to the cheering of away fans. I gave up the first set, and in the second set, I watched the match from the warm-up zone as I was replaced by Yoo Kwang-woo. However, Korean Air and Han had no intention of ending the game easily. From the 3rd set, they regained their game completely. Once again, ‘volleyball is a setter game’.

This time, it created more one-on-one confrontations than Hyundai Capital. Korean Air succeeded in 16 out of 30 one-block situations, and Hyundai Capital scored 12 out of 23. In addition, Han made 50 of 98 set attempts in this game, and correctly posted 22 times. 안전놀이터

After a close match in 5 sets, Korean Air won the combined championship and treble for the third consecutive year. In the press vote, he received 23 out of 31 votes, winning his second personal award after winning MVP in the 2017-2018 season championship.

He did not hesitate to give advice to the young setters he faced in this championship match. “Creating your own color is the most important thing. Rather than copying someone else, you should develop your own play and make your name known. Accept the good points of other setters, but the most important thing is to make them your own. If you can be good at setting balls that are not receiving, you will become a setter who can go to the top.” A player’s words.

One player is still the best setter in the V-League. He rose to the top once again, but Han Seon-soo’s challenge was not over. One player heads to the court for “4 consecutive years combined championship”.