‘Warney + Kim Seon-hyung Explosion’ Defeat SK, LG and win PO 3 in a row in the quarterfinals… First come first served in the championship game 

Seoul SK made the first move to the championship match. 

Seoul SK won 85-84 against Changwon LG in the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Pro Basketball Quarterfinal Playoff Game 3 held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium in Seoul on the 18th. With the victory on this day, SK won 3 consecutive victories and advanced to the championship match.  먹튀검증

At the start of the game, LG left the court due to Kim Jun-il’s injury. SK launched an active attack centering on Warney. At the beginning of the first quarter, SK dominated the bottom of the goal and led to the opponent’s U-foul. LG also pursued and tried to narrow the score gap. SK, which had an advantage in rebounding, took the lead in the game and faced LG.

After blocking LG’s attack well, SK took a 23-11 lead with Choi Seong-won and Heo Il-young’s three consecutive runs.

Against LG, who could not counterattack properly except for Hee-jae Jeong’s 3-pointer, SK took a huge lead 30-14 in the first quarter.

The game situation has not changed much. LG replaced Perry with Dante Cunningham in the second quarter. However, with the exception of the outer guns, it was difficult to show strong counterattacks.

SK, which gained momentum, ran away by 41-20, 21 points with Heo Il-young’s 3-pointer at around 3:43 in the second quarter.

Starting with Lim Dong-seop’s 3-point run, LG pursued 41-27 with Lee Gwan-hee and Cunningham’s scoring tied. In addition, Lee Jae-do actively dug under the goal to accumulate points and succeeded in narrowing the score gap. With Kim Seon-hyung’s goal breaking through, SK finished the first half with a score of 54-41.

LG, which raised the atmosphere at the end of the 2nd quarter, pursued fiercely in the 3rd quarter as well. The activities of foreign players continued. Gutang and Cunningham scored consecutively and put pressure on SK. At around 3:16 in the 3rd quarter, LG pursued to the bottom of the chin, 56-55, with Gutang’s 3-point lead.

SK breathed a sigh as Choi Bu-kyung scored under the goal. Choi Seong-won’s 3-point shot and Kim Sun-hyeong’s goal continued to maintain the lead at 65-57. While LG’s pursuit slowed down for a while, Lee Jae-do committed the 4th foul. In the third quarter, SK led 73-66.

At the beginning of the 4th quarter, LG showed the chase again. We tried to turn the game around by narrowing the score gap. LG aimed for the last chance by putting in Lee Jae-do. LG made 83-82 with Lee Jae-ro’s store at the fore. SK and LG scored 85-84 with Kim Seon-hyung and Lee Jae-do scoring side by side. In the end, SK overcame LG’s defense and won.