Was the power difference between the two teams this much? Heungkuk Life Insurance has a 100% chance of winning

Was this the difference between the two teams? Women’s professional volleyball Heungkuk Life Insurance swept both the first and second rounds of the championship game and crossed the ninth division ridge toward a combined championship in four years after the 2018-2019 season.

Heungkuk Life Insurance boasts superior power in all aspects, including attack, blocking, and serve, in the second leg of the 2022-2023 V-League Women’s Champions Championship held at Incheon Samsan World Gymnasium on the 31st, 3-0 (25-18) to road construction 25-15 25-21) won the shutout. Following the 3-1 victory in the last game, Heungkuk Life Insurance, who preoccupied the first two wins with perfect performance on this day, can lift the championship trophy in Gimcheon on the 2nd of next month at the earliest. The team that won the 1st and 2nd rounds in the 17 women’s championship matches has won a total of five times. The ending was a ‘happy ending’ that everyone won. For Heungkuk Life Insurance, it is a 100% chance.

When the two teams that faced each other in the 2018-2019 championship had a return match in this championship, the initial expectation was ‘Baekjungse’. Even if the firepower of the left and right wings is better than Heungkuk Life’s Kim Yeon-kyung-Yelena than Park Jeong-ah-Catbell of Expressway Corporation, the rest of the parts except for this were the superiority of Expressway Corporation in terms of objective indicators.

Expressway Corporation’s ‘veteran’ middle blockers, leading to Jeong Dae-young and Bae Yoo-na, are overwhelmingly superior to Heungkuk Life Insurance’s Kim Na-hee and Lee Joo-ah in terms of experience in big games, blocking, and volleyball sense. In fact, in terms of team blocking in the regular league, Road Corporation ranked first overall with 2.819 per set, and Heungkuk Life Insurance ranked sixth with 2.058 per set.

The road construction defense line that Lim Myung-ok and Moon Jeong-won hold out is also superior to Heungkuk Life Insurance of Kim Hae-ran and Kim Mi-yeon. Thanks to the presence of Lim Myung-ok and Moon Jung-won, who rank first and second in receiving efficiency in the regular league, the road construction team ranked first overall with 49.31% in receiving efficiency. Heungkuk Life Insurance is 6th with 38.62%, more than 10% lower. Digg is somewhat ahead of Heungkuk Life Insurance with 21.686 per set with road construction (20.444), but it is not at a level that makes up for the difference in receiving.

At least in the setter fight, Heungkuk Life’s Lee Won-jeong had an advantage over Expressway Corporation’s Lee Yoon-jeong in terms of experience. Lee Won-jeong won the combined championship at Road Construction in the 2017-2018 season, when he was a rookie, and GS Caltex in the 2020-2021 season, but his role was a backup setter. For Lee Yoon-jung, who is in the second year of the V-League, this season is the first ‘spring volleyball’.  

Even if Heungkuk Life Insurance, which had a 10-day break, was ahead of the physical issue, it was expected that the road construction would not show a big difference because it also finished the playoff against Hyundai E&C with two wins. On the contrary, there was also an expectation that Heungkuk Life Insurance might be at a disadvantage in recovering the sense of the game because it did not play for a long time. Coach Kim Se-jin, who won the championship by leading OK Savings Bank in the past, said, “If there is a guarantee that we can finish the playoffs with all 2 wins, it is better to play the playoffs and play the championship game in terms of game sense.” In fact, coach Kim’s OK Savings Bank took second place in the 2014-2015 season, then won both KEPCO and playoffs with a 3-2 full set match and won the championship with a 3-game victory over Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. I did too. 메이저사이트

It was a cold that unexpectedly hit the road construction team that the possibility of an early deadline for the women’s championship, which had been predicted at least the 4th game and the 5th game at the longest, increased. Ahead of the first game held on the 29th, Road Corporation coach Kim Jong-min said, “Maybe it’s the changing season, so many of the players caught a cold, so they’re not in good shape.” Bae Yoo-na and Park Jung-ah, the main players of the road construction attack, showed a consistent sluggish appearance in the first game.

Even in the second game, which took a day off, the road construction team could hardly reproduce the appearance they showed in the regular league and playoffs. From the beginning of the first set, they trailed 0-6 and were overpowered, and then easily gave up the set. In the second set, the game was tight at the beginning of the set, but from the middle to the second half of the set, he showed a lack of concentration and lost the set by 10 points.

In the 1st and 2nd sets of the 1st game, Kim Yeon-kyung, who suffered from intensive checks from the road construction and was sluggish, but regained the offensive rhythm in the 3rd and 4th sets and led the team to victory with a report card almost similar to the season average. It breathed fire. There were many times when the toss to Kim Yeon-kyung stuck to the net or the height was inconsistent, but he also showed off his skill at handling consecutive hits into the empty space of the opponent’s defense using his 192cm tall height. Her attack success rate of Kim Yeon-kyung, who posted 12 points until her second set, was a whopping 75%. In addition, Yelena, who showed consistent offensive power in each set from the first game, still maintained her firepower in the second game. She scored 13 points and an attack success rate of 57.89% by the second set. If both wings record an attack success rate of well over 50%, it cannot be defeated.

Entering the 3rd set, the road construction seemed unable to lose as it was, and continued to exert strength until the second half of the set, leading 21-20. The moment I wanted to go to the 4th set, Kim Yeon-kyung stood out and declared, ‘There is no 4th set today’. Kim Yeon-kyung overturned the game at once by succeeding in two quick opens and an open in succession. Then, Yelena’s open and Kim Yeon-kyung’s opening came right up to the open, and the match ended that day by driving down 5 points. Team attack success rate 46%-34.06%, blocking 8-4, sub scoring 5-2. It was a game where Heungkuk Life Insurance overwhelmed all aspects.

After the game, coach Kim Jong-min acknowledged the difference in power. Director Kim said, “I have nothing to say,” and said, “Rather than a cold, there is a big difference in skills. Although we are a good blocking team, there were not many blocking against Heungkuk Life Insurance. Since we are not a very good team in attack, it is a team that needs to kick up the opponent’s attack with defense and score a goal by blocking in a persistent aspect. It is not easy to come,” he explained. He continued, “When I looked at it calmly, I saw the power as an opponent’s advantage of about 7 to 3, but considering the players’ physical condition, it seems that it is not enough to overturn it. However, I will prepare well and try to counterattack in Gimcheon.”