What about step-up screens and rick-out attacks?

Basketball tactics are varied and complex. There are too many unfamiliar and difficult parts for general fans to understand all the tactics that happen on the actual court. However, if you know the most basic things, basketball becomes much more fun. Let’s look at representative tactical terms and their meanings through the <Tactics Dictionary> corner.

Step Up Screen

The offense of modern basketball has two major tactical characteristics. One is spacing, which uses a wide court, and the other is handler-oriented basketball with dribbling ability.

The step-up screen is an offensive tactic that maximizes both of the above factors. The step-up screen is the position of the top pick-and-roll screen, which is normally walked, moved closer to the half-line. If the middle pick-and-roll is in the mid-range area and the top pick-and-roll is right in front of the front 3-point line, then the pick-and-roll by the step-up screen is made somewhere between the 3-point line and the half line.

Why are you setting up this screen? This is to increase the offensive power of the handler with excellent scoring ability.

A typical top pick and roll is right in front of the 3-point line, so the handler doesn’t have much room to attack. It is limited from the midrange to near the paint zone. On top of that, if the defense is structured with the help of other defenses on both wings, the top pick-and-roll will soon reach its limit. In a narrow space, the handler’s power is weakened as the screener defender checks (hedge) and the wing defenders check (stunt).

Pick-and-rolls by step-up screens are therefore attractive to handlers. From just in front of the 3-point line to the midrange area, the handler is given a vast space. If the screener defender’s feet are slow and the defensive range is narrow, if the handler’s shooting production is good, it creates a huge side effect. This is why many teams use the step-up screen to maximize the handler’s offensive power.

In the NBA, Golden State used a tactic to maximize Curry’s scoring power through a step-up screen in the last finals. At that time, against Boston’s dropback defense, Curry used a step-up screen to easily destroy it, and the series’ leadership passed to Golden바카라사이트 State. Even handlers like James Harden and Luka Doncic are very often attacked by step-up screens.

In KBL, Heo Hoon was one of the players who used the step-up screen a lot. It was thanks to Heo Hoon’s league-high scoring ability. However, while screens are commonly used in the NBA, it is difficult to see step-up screens in domestic basketball. This is because there are relatively few cases where the handler has excellent attack power or a long shooting range.

Leak out Attack

One of the most important things in modern basketball is speed. There is no other attack that is as productive and efficient as a transition attack made before the opponent’s defensive formation is equipped. The court can be used relatively wide, and the morale-boosting effect is significant because scoring occurs in a short time.

The kick-out attack is one of the representative ways to make a transition score. The word leak out has the meaning of getting out, and it is easy to understand if you think about it. When defending, a defender who interferes with the opponent’s 3-point shot or a defender who defends from the outskirts is successful, and at the moment when the offense is switched, it is called a kick-out.

This kind of kick-out attack is powerful in that it is very easy to score a one-man fast break with just one outlet pass. Even if the opponent notices this and quickly moves into the backcourt, another offensive option arises when a player who runs to the frontcourt after a rickout quickly settles in the paint zone with his back to the defender.

In particular, in modern basketball where switch defense is frequent, producing transition points through such a rick-out attack has a significant effect.

This is because if the big man blocks the opponent’s striker from the outskirts and quickly crosses the frontcourt in a situation where the offense and defense are switched, a mismatch can occur naturally and a very easy transition attack can be made. As mentioned earlier, when a big man who excels in the frontcourt pushes the opponent’s defense with his body using the duck-in motion, a mismatch occurs immediately, so this is also powerful.

In the NBA, Anthony Davis and Zion Williamson are representative players who easily score transition points through a rick-out attack. In domestic basketball, you can see players like Ha Yoon-ki and Park Ji-soo often succeed in scoring on a quick break through a rick-out attack. The rickout attack is both attractive and powerful in that it allows for very easy first-attack scoring in the process of speeding up the transition between offense and defense.