What is the lineage of the two-hit complete game, the multi-homer game, and the MLB home run and strikeout legends?

In Major League Baseball, hitters are judged by their home runs and pitchers by their strikeouts. Their salaries are also proportional to their home runs and strikeouts. The reason why Clayton Kershaw, 35, of the Los Angeles Dodgers, is still considered a great pitcher even though his velocity isn”t what it used to be is because he has more strikeouts than innings pitched.스포츠토토

The ability to get strikeouts and power is essential for a team. If a player can hit double-digit home runs even if his batting average drops into the teens, he’s still valuable. Joey Gallo (Minnesota Twins) may be batting just .211, but his 11 home runs make him more valuable to his team than anyone else.

Los Angeles Angels second baseman Shohei Ohtani is always at the center of the conversation, as his home runs and strikeouts keep fans enthralled. On April 22 against the Minnesota Twins, Ohtani allowed one run on two hits and three walks over six innings. His nine strikeouts were just shy of double-digit strikeouts. Offensively, he went 1-for-3.

In 10 appearances this year, Ohtani has struck out 80 batters in 59 innings with three double-digit strikeout games. Last year, he reached double digits 10 times, including six straight in 28 games. At the plate, he has hit multiple home runs in a single game 12 times in 612 career plate appearances.

The MLB’s all-time leader in multi-homer games is Babe Ruth with 714 career arches. He has 72 multi-homer games and 70 two-homer games. He hit three home runs in a game twice.

Next on the list is Barry Bonds, the drug king of home runs. He has 71 multi-homer games. Sammy Sosa has 69, Mark McGwire 67, Willie Mays 63, Hank Aaron 62, Alex Rodriguez 62, and Albert Pujols 59.

All-time home runs hit by Bonds 762, Aaron 755, Ruth 714, Albert Pujols 703, Alex Rodriguez 696, Willie Mays 660, Ken Griffey Jr. 630. It’s interesting to note that Bonds, Sosa, and McGwire, all of whom have been stigmatized as drug users, have a high number of multi-homer games. It’s a sign of the times.

New York Yankees Aaron Judge, who recently returned from a back injury, showed his slugging prowess with multi-homer games against the Tampa Bay Rays on April 14 and the Toronto Blue Jays on April 16. Judge set an American League single-season record with 62 home runs last year and tied the franchise record with 11 multi-homer games.

The most multi-homer games in a season is 11. It was first set by Hank Greenberg of the Detroit Tigers in 1938. The next two were Sammy Sosa of the Chicago Cubs in 1998 and Aaron Judge last year. Judge now has 30 career multi-homer games. He has yet to hit three home runs in a game.

The only other pitcher with double-digit strikeouts is Nolan Ryan, the iconic fastball. In 215 games, he reached double digits with 2,547 strikeouts. A hard-throwing pitcher until the age of 46, Ryan totaled 5714 strikeouts and 2,795 walks in 807 games, an MLB record. His 6.6 strikeouts per nine innings is also an MLB record.

Ryan is followed by left-hander Randy Johnson. He has double-digit strikeouts in 212 games. He actually has more strikeouts than Ryan (2,554).

Among active players with double-digit strikeouts in more than 100 games, Max Scherzer (New York Mets) and Roger Clemens are tied with 110, and Pedro Martinez (Alien) has 108. Sandy Koufax, the golden lefty who ended his 12-year career in the short and bold, is sixth on the list with 97 games. Koufax set a single-season record of 382 strikeouts in 1965. That record was surpassed by Ryan in 1973 by one, with 383. However, Ryan’s record is for all of MLB and Koufax’s is for lefties. It’s one of those records that can’t be broken.

Los Angeles Dodgers Clayton Kershaw, who is almost certain to be a Hall of Famer when he retires, has recorded double-digit strikeouts in 68 games. Among active players, Chris Sale (Boston Red Sox) has 80, Justin Verlander (New York Mets) 72, Gerrit Cole (New York Yankees) 58, Darvish Yu (San Diego Padres) 50, and Corey Kluber (Boston Red Sox) 48.