‘When Kim Min-jae first came’… Displeased Napoli fans chant ‘boycott’

Kim Min-jae is now the center of Napoli, the best defender, and a player greatly loved by Napoli fans, but when he first arrived in Napoli, the atmosphere was quite different.

It turned out that he had a strong backlash from Napoli fans at the time. It is also natural that Kalidou Koulibaly, the most trusted player of Napoli fans, who reigned as the ‘King’ of Naples until now, has left. The core of the team came out and the one who came as a substitute was Kim Min-jae, who had no experience in the top 5 European leagues. It was a natural situation in which Kim Min-jae could not be trusted from the beginning.

In addition, Napoli fans are said to have protested vigorously, such as shouting ‘boycott’ towards the club, which was in a hurry to reduce investment and sell key players.

India’s ‘Indian Express’ reported in detail the situation when Kim Min-jae first came to Naples on the 19th (Korean time).

According to this media, last summer, Napoli, contrary to fans’ wishes, sent out Koulibaly and other Napoli’s best players and fans’ favorite players one after another. Napoli fans were offended.

Napoli fans did not stop at this and protested to the extreme. He even informed the club that he would boycott the game if they did not invest. He also visited stadiums and training grounds and shouted “Wake up!”

But the will of the club management카지노사이트 was firm. He was unmoved by the fierce protests of fans. Their policy was to pay a lot of money and exclude players in their prime and high-profile players. In other words, Napoli raised a counterargument to the current trend of building a star-oriented club culture based on large sums.

Instead, they focused on recruiting players with a lot of potential that other clubs haven’t been keeping an eye on, and talent that can be greatly developed at a low price. This project was possible because of the clear trust in the competitiveness of the Napoli scouts. In addition, an efficient and wise transfer policy and post-recruitment player management were put into play.

The representative achievement of this policy is Kim Min-jae. Kim Min-jae’s transfer fee was only 18 million euros (24.2 billion won). Another is Hvitsa Kvarachhelia. He recorded a transfer fee of 10 million euros (14 billion won) while wearing a Napoli uniform.

Despite being inexpensive, the two players have risen to become the hottest players in Europe. And now he has become an expensive player. His ransom has more than doubled. Local media predict that the ransom for both players will rise to 100 million euros (139 billion won). Napoli, with them at the forefront, has a 99% chance of winning the league. It has been 33 years since Naples ‘legend’ Diego Maradona.

The achievements of Minjae Kim and Kvarazhelia. Miracle of Naples. Napoli fans have no choice but to change their mind and behavior towards the club. Fans who protested are singing hymns. Fans who are sure of the team’s development are now dreaming of going beyond Italy to the UEFA Champions League (UCL).