When Lim Young-woong appeared, sales of goods doubled… K-League Fans Impressed with ‘Heroic Era Manners’

The K-League is looking forward to continuing the ‘heroic age’. Singer Lim Young-woong said that sales of the club’s goods doubled after the show, and the mature fandom culture also became a fresh stimulus.

This is reporter Choi Ha-eun.


When Lim Young-woong stands on stage, it is all covered in sky blue, but the day he stepped out as FC Seoul was different.

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Fans respected the soccer culture as they raised the atmosphere with cool kicks and performed in soccer shoes to avoid damaging the grass. 카지노사이트

[Singer Lim Young-woong fan: (Fan club) Lim Young-woong never brought any cheering tools, and never wore light blue Heroic Age clothes, so I did everything as he was told.] Fans with Seoul cheering tools were also seen everywhere, and the club said, “Uniform

and Souvenirs such as mufflers sold about twice as much as usual.”

Even compared to the opening game, where soccer fans are focused, sales have increased by 150%.

The red devil muffler that Lim Young-woong wore while watching the match against Uruguay sold more than 5 times more than in the A match.

FC Seoul’s YouTube video of the day’s performance also surpassed 1.2 million views.

Players and soccer fans were also surprised by the power that 45,000 spectators brought to the ground.

Seoul Supporters expressed their gratitude, “We will cherish the great fandom consciousness.”

[Seo Sang-sang/FC Seoul fan: They cleaned up the trash well and supported me.]

[Yang Chi-yong/FC Seoul fan: For the development of the K-League, I would like you to tour the K-League 1 and 2 stadiums nationwide. … ]

The task remains to find a way to continue the fresh stimulation and enthusiasm given by the stars and fandom.