Who won the ‘Team Korea’ cheering award chosen by ‘Captain’ Cha Jun-hwan?… Figure skating national team that wrote history, delightful homecoming scene

Our national team, which wrote a new history in the national figure skating competition, returned home with a silver medal. On the afternoon of the 17th, the figure skating team, which returned from Japan through the arrivals hall of Gimpo International Airport in Seoul, performed the choreography of ‘Attention’, the representative song of the popular idol group New Jeans, at the reporter’s request to pose. ‘Captain’ Cha Jun-hwan explained the reason, saying that ‘Attention Ceremony’ has a lot of meaning. He also revealed the behind-the-scenes story about the hot-blooded cheering match that received a lot of attention in the ‘Team Trophy’ competition. ‘Team Korea”s delightful return home, 〈Sports Mug〉 delivers. 토스카지노