“Why do tears fall like this?” Lee Dae-ho’s unfinished story

 “I was originally a person who didn’t have tears.”

Lotte Giants Lee Dae-ho, who retired at the end of this season, won the Golden Glove in the designated hitter category at the 2022 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO Golden Glove Awards Ceremony on the 9th. It was Lee Dae-ho’s 7th and last golden glove. After receiving his award, Lee Dae-ho expressed his gratitude to the members of Lotte, including the teachers and fans he had been with, and to his family.

Lee Dae-ho’s baseball life was long and there were many twists and turns to summarize his 21 years and more years with baseball in one interview. Lee Dae-ho, who had tears in his eyes even on stage, had to swallow his welling tears even after the awards ceremony was over. There were not one or two names he wanted to bring out.

Lee Dae-ho, who grew up with his grandmother when he was young, said, “I wanted to say something about my grandmother, but I held back because I thought I would cry more. I think you’re watching from heaven. You’ll be so happy. You really helped me a lot.” 

Also, “When I went to Japan or the United States, they all agreed, and it seems that my father-in-law and mother-in-law worked harder so that I could only play baseball. He raised my children. I am always grateful.”

The Lee Dae-ho that Lee Dae-ho talks about was a man without tears. Lee Dae-ho said, “I was really strong at the baseball field. I was a scary senior even to my juniors. I really tried not to cry, but I don’t know why I cried so much.”

In the last season, winning the Golden Glove with the same skills as young players at an inexorable age means a lot. – Lee Dae-ho said, “Playing baseball at an older age requires fighting prejudice. Overcoming the prejudice that older players can’t It was a position where I had to work harder and think more about it. So, at the end, I really wanted to retire in a cool way, and I feel really good because I kept it.” 메이저사이트

He said, “I think I set a good example for my juniors. I really wanted to show that I can do well even at 40.” I wanted to show a good side of myself to those people, so I whipped harder, and I think I got such good results.”

It would be a lie if there were no lingering attachments to Lee Dae-ho’s life and baseball. Lee Dae-ho said, “Honestly, I want to do more. But now I want to give up my seat for good juniors and want those players to do well. What would a baseball player do other than baseball? He was a happy person,” he said.

He laughed, saying, “It’s baseball that I love and do the best, but it’s honestly not easy to leave. 

Now I have to watch professional baseball outside and look at the Lotte Giants. Lee Dae-ho said, “Honestly, not many Lotte fans come to the baseball field right now. I hope that our players will work hard and call our Lotte fans, who have been hiding all over the country, to the baseball field again.”

He added, “Our fans are the ones who will come to Lotte if the results are good. I miss you so much. I hope Korean baseball will become more fun because many fans come.” It was Lee Dae-ho’s last interview as a baseball player and Lotte Giants player.