Woori Card, another ‘big deal’… Song Hee-chae and OK Finance’s Song Myung-geun swapped

After sending setter Hwang Seung-bin (31) to KB Insurance and bringing in outside hitter Han Sung-jung (27) the day before, the Woori Card made another trade to change their roster.

Song Hee-chae and Song Myeong-geun, who have played together in the past, switched uniforms in this trade.

Song Hee-chae and Song Myung-geun, along with setter Lee Min-kyu (OK Financial Group), are known as the “Big Three” and were part of OK Financial Group’s heyday.스포츠토토

After joining OK Financial Group’s predecessor, Russia & Cash, as a special rookie team in 2013, Song Hee-chae and Song Myung-geun quickly became the team’s mainstays and quickly landed in the V-League.

Their performances, along with the “monster” Robert Randy Simon, propelled OK Financial Group to the top of the championship table in its second season. They went on to win back-to-back titles in 2015-16.

The ‘Big Three’ was disbanded after the 2017-18 season when Song Hee-chae left for Samsung Fire as a free agent.

Song, who joined the Woori Card via trade in May 2020, will return to OK Financial Group, where she began her professional career after nearly five years.

After ranking sixth in receiving (31.5%) and last in defence (13.684 digs per set) last season, OK Financial Group made strengthening its defence a top off-season priority, and Song Hee-chae was the perfect fit.

While Song’s offensive sophistication is somewhat lacking, her defensive prowess will help ease OK Financial Group’s concerns.

After bringing in Han Sung-jung, who is a steady player, Woori Card hopes to make up for the lack of attack with Song Myung-geun.

Song Myung-geun is known for his fast and aggressive offence. He was named MVP of the 2014-15 championship game and Best 7 of the 2015-16 season. In nine seasons, he has played 259 games and scored 926 points. He also has a 52.7 per cent offensive rating.

This is the first trade for Song Myung-geun, who spent both of his free agency seasons (2018 and 2021) with OK Financial Group.