Yoon Tae-young on the unstoppable Road FC champion Hwang In-soo: “In-soo, are you stupid? Let’s play against me”

On the 25th, a video titled “I’m In-Soo Hwang’s First Team” was released on the official YouTube channel of the Road FC. In the video, Yoon Tae-young (27, Jeju Team The King), a fighter with five consecutive wins, throws a message to Hwang In-soo (29, FREE), the Road FC middleweight champion, saying, “In-su, are you nervous? Let’s go head-to-head.” The video has attracted the attention of many martial arts fans.

On June 24 and 25, Road FC will host the Wonju MMA Sports Festival at the Wonju General Gymnasium. On the 24th, the professional event, Gupne ROAD FC 064, will be held, and on the 25th, the amateur event, Mixed Martial Arts Grand Festival, will be held.

Yoon, who is seeded in the lightweight division for the 2023 global tournament, will compete at lightweight, two weight classes below his native middleweight division.안전놀이터

Riding a five-fight winning streak, Yoon has periodically challenged Hwang In-Soo for a middleweight title shot, but the match has never materialized. With the tournament’s opening card, Gupne ROAD FC 064, just around the corner, Yoon vented his frustration with Hwang.

“(Hwang In-soo) doesn’t fight defensively because he’s afraid of losing the belt, and now he’s greedy for money. It seems like he only wants to expand his business through event matches,” Yoon said.

Hwang In-soo, who was crowned champion after defeating Oil-hak (21, Team Strongwolf) at ROAD FC 058 at Road Mall, hasn’t defended his title in nearly two years. The triangle is forming as Yoo will be transferring out of the military in June.

“He lost a lot of his sensitivity while he was in the army, and I think he needs to play one or two more matches,” Yoon said of Yoo.

“My plan right now is that I’m going to focus a little bit on the lightweight division because I came down to lightweight this year. So, to be honest, if I win the lightweight tournament this year, I would like to say, ‘Let’s match Insoo Hwang in December,'” he said, revealing his future plans.

Yoon’s move down to lightweight also sets him up to face off against “Road FC Lightweight Champion” Park Siwon (21, Cowboy MMA), who is known as Hwang Insoo’s younger brother. It will be interesting to see if Yoon can knock out all the big names in the global tournament and emerge as the winner.