Yoon Young-chul, who climbed the first 6 times, missed the QS…”I was greedy…”

KIA Tigers Yoon Young-chul delivered his thoughts on victory.

On the 17th, Yoon Young-cheol started in an away match against the Samsung Lions in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu, recording 5⅓ innings, 4 hits, 2 walks, 2 strikeouts and 1 run. KIA won 7-6 in Yoon Young-cheol’s good fight, and harvested 2 wins (1 loss).

This is the first time he has been on the mound in the 6th inning. Yun Young-chul, who was only responsible for 5 innings in each game. However, he had good pace and threw the ball in the 6th inning as well. He was playing a scoreless game, and a quality start (three earned runs or less pitched in six innings of starting) was on the horizon.

However, Yoon Young-chul was shaken. He was driven to a crisis after consecutive hits from lead hitters Lee Jae-hyun and Jose Pirella. He caught Koo Ja-wook as a shortstop floating ball, but the bench ordered a replacement. Since then, Jeon Sang-hyun could not prevent the crisis, and Yoon Young-cheol’s responsible runner stepped on the home.

After the game, Yoon Young-chul said, “Yang Hyeon-jong asked me if I was greedy for a quality start. In fact, I was greedy. Yang Hyeon-jong said, ‘That’s why I came down.’ He revealed the reason why he was shaken 6 times.

Yoon Young-cheol continues to fight hard. KIA is putting great effort into arranging Yoon Young-chul’s physical strength. He has two appearances scheduled for next week, and he plans to be expunged from the entry after pitching one game. Coach Kim Jong-guk said, “I’m going to take a break for about a term. He’s not a player who will come out as a mid-getter, so I’m thinking of excluding him from the roster.”

Upon hearing this, Yoon Young-cheol smiled, saying, “I am grateful that the coach is managing me. I will rest well and try to throw better.” Then he said, “I will exercise on my day off.”토토사이트

Yoon Young-chul continues to throw the ball in the first team. His stamina isn’t a big deal. He said, “I have a constitution that handles the heat well. But it’s good that it’s cool because it’s a night game. I’m running steadily, so my stamina is good.”