Yuna Kim, who has the form of a leader, “I’m proud that the players followed me well”

 Figure skating queen Kim Yu-na taught figure skating prospects at the ‘Play Winter Figure Skating Academy’.

The 2018 Pyeongchang Memorial Foundation participated as a special instructor in the Play Winter Figure Skating Academy (hereinafter referred to as ‘Figure Academy’) Talent Development Master Class (hereinafter referred to as ‘Master Class’) held at the Gangneung Hockey Center in Gangwon-do on the 22nd, and participated in the upcoming 2024 Gangwon Winter Winter He revealed that he coached promising players who dream of becoming stars in the Youth Olympic Games.

The ‘Figure Academy Talent Development Master Class’ is a program newly established in 2022, and is conducting intensive lessons from February 20th to 23rd for figure skating 5th to 8th grade players.

Taehwa International Skating Union (ISU) International Technical Referee Kim Yu-na, world-renowned choreographer David Wilson (Canada), and former national figure skating representative Kim Hae-jin, Ahn Geon-hyung, and Lee Ho-jeong, etc. Instructs programs that can intensively strengthen , spin and choreography skills.

In particular, the ‘Master Class’ is in the nature of a master class for athletes who are qualified to compete in various international competitions such as the Junior and Senior Grand Prix series held by ISU, and directly helps to strengthen the international competitiveness of athletes. In the short term by providing help, we will nurture athletes who will shine at the upcoming 2024 Gangwon Youth Winter Olympics, and even foster medalists at the 2026 Milan Winter Olympics.

In the ‘Figure Skating Academy’, not only professional skating classes, but also conditioning and strength training to prevent injuries of players, and various ground training programs such as modern dance, K-Pop dance, and ballet to help players use their bodies are provided to improve the skills of athletes from various angles. support

ISU International Technical Referee Yang Tae-hwa, who has been teaching classes at the Gangneung Hockey Center since the 20th, focuses on skating, high-level steps, and combination spins, which will enable the 40 players gathered at the hockey center to receive high scores in international competitions. David Wilson is conducting expressive skills classes to help players perform high-quality programs. 

ISU technical referee Yang Tae-hwa said메이저사이트, “I am proud that promising Korean figure skaters with potential are actively participating in the academy.” “he said.

David Wilson said, “Last year, due to COVID-19, it was regrettable that I only had classes with beginners and intermediate level players through video, but I am very happy to come to Korea and meet the players in person and have classes.” It seems that junior players with good skills are continuously appearing in Korea by greatly helping the growth of promising players. I hope there will be opportunities to meet Korean players through Play Winter in the future.”

On the 22nd, Yuna Kim, a public relations ambassador for Playwinter, conducted a one-point lesson at the Gangneung Hockey Center to strengthen basic skills such as stroking, as well as upper body utilization and expressive skills so that players could perform a more complete program. Participants sweated hard in class under the guidance of Olympic medalists.

Kim Yu-na said, “I participated in the master class following the elementary and intermediate classes for talent development, and I am proud as a senior figure skater because the athletes are following me very well.” I hope to be of some help in making this happen.”

Meanwhile, Gangneung City Vice Mayor Kim Jong-wook, Gangwon-do Olympic Support Director Lee Gwan-woo, and Memorial Foundation Secretary General Kang Seong-gu visited the Gangneung Hockey Center and had a time to welcome and encourage the participants of the ‘Play Winter Figure Academy Talent Development Master Class’.